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Infrastructure Services

The portfolio of Infrastructure services generally refers to the hardware, software, and network resources required to support shared services and partner solutions that rely on internal rather than third-party infrastructure.  The simplest way to think about these services is as a utility, not unlike all wiring and parts necessary to turn the lights on in your house or make a phone call.  In the same way, the Agency of Digital Services provides these services to ensure that the basic functions of state government can be accomplished with the necessary level of availability and reliability.  The Infrastructure Services portfolio includes the following service programs:

  • Network Services
  • Hosting & Cloud Services
    • State Cloud Services
    • Data Center Operations
    • Disaster Recovery Services
    • Mainframe Hosting
  • Remote Access Services
  • Database Administration Services
  • Data Processing Services
  • Telephony

To view the ADS Service Catalog (SharePoint), please visit the ADS Intranet (SharePoint) (not available to public users)