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What is an Enterprise Project?

A project to implement a solution to meet the needs of the organization rather than just an individual agency, department or business unit.  One solution is used to meet common needs instead of each entity having their own individual solution.   

The Potential Benefits of Enterprise Solutions

Cost Optimization

Entities share the cost of one solution rather than individually purchasing hardware, software, hosting services, maintenance and support for multiple individual solutions.   Internal state labor costs for supporting one versus many solutions also results in cost savings. 


Enterprise solutions can enable the flow of information/data between separate software solutions within the organization.

Improved Collaboration and Transparency

Entities have an opportunity to share data that they might not otherwise have direct access to.
Reduce Data Storage Needs:  An enterprise solution eliminates the redundancies of individual solutions storing the same data for their own purposes.


Processes can be streamlined to create efficiencies.  The need to enter the same data in multiple systems is also eliminated.  It can be entered once and used by multiple entities.

Improved Customer Service

Customers can benefit by having a single point of access for information (“one stop shopping”) and are not asked to provide the same information to multiple entities.   

Increased Security and Control

Security threats are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and can be especially challenging for smaller State entities to keep their individual solutions safe from these on-going threats.  Enterprise solutions provide comprehensive security solutions that allow access to information while protecting confidential information and customer’s privacy. 

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