Mission & Vision

The Mission of the Agency of Digital Services is  to work together with our partners in state government to deliver simple and intuitive technology solutions that improve the lives of the citizens of Vermont. 

Our Vision is to make government services secure and easily accessible to all people doing business and interacting with the State of Vermont. 

The Principles that guide our actions are:

  • Transform our customer experience
    • Deliver measurable value to our partners in state government
    • Engage early and often
    • Be honest about the scope of our challenges
    • Work with agencies to understand their mission
    • Invest in Agency and project success
  • Innovate and Operate effectively, efficiently
    • Master the fundamentals to be the best
    • Balance the value of developing new capabilities with project risk & cost
    • Provide training and empower our employees
  • Invest in our technology
    • Continuous improvement requires continuous education
    • Reuse existing technology solutions before buying new, buy before build
  • Secure Vermont’s data
    • Security is everyone’s responsibility
    • Data, not systems, is our most important asset

Contact Information

Agency of Digital Services
133 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05633
(802) 828-4141

State Employee Customer Support
855-828-6620 toll free